Just a quick note to thank you for the session last week.
Our recent session was probably the best I have ever experienced in my life, I got such a sense of achievement whenever you giggled at my predicament or reaction to your punishments. As always you looked absolutely amazing, I loved the periods when I was strapped down and had difficulty looking at you, the sound of your stockings and dress making the swishing noise was intoxicating.
Thank you so much for pushing me beyind the levels I reached in the first session. The anal play and BDSM section was devine and I can’t wait to become your anal slut again. As with last time the electro play was out of this world, I have never experienced an orgasim that intense before.
I look forward to the day you think I might be worthy enough to serve both you and Mistress Sapphire; being humilitated and interogated by the two of you is all I can think about. However I think i’ll need to raise my tollarence levels if I am to suvive such an encounter.
Thank you again
Love slave r