slave ross

Just a quick note to thank you for the session last week.
Our recent session was probably the best I have ever experienced in my life, I got such a sense of achievement whenever you giggled at my predicament or reaction to your punishments. As always you looked absolutely amazing, I loved the periods when I was strapped down and had difficulty looking at you, the sound of your stockings and dress making the swishing noise was intoxicating.
Thank you so much for pushing me beyind the levels I reached in the first session. The anal play and BDSM section was devine and I can’t wait to become your anal slut again. As with last time the electro play was out of this world, I have never experienced an orgasim that intense before.
I look forward to the day you think I might be worthy enough to serve both you and Mistress Sapphire; being humilitated and interogated by the two of you is all I can think about. However I think i’ll need to raise my tollarence levels if I am to suvive such an encounter.
Thank you again
Love slave r

Club Pedestal

I am being taken to Pedestal tonight.

If you see me there, come and say hello!

Can’t wait – just need to decide what to wear 🙂


Having had a little dialogue with Mistress Niah over a period of many weeks I was finally allowed to visit her parlour one Wednesday morning…
The genesis of this encounter was, in its inception, pure chance, ships in the night. A quest for yet more kinky boots to feed my transvestite addiction had me posting messages on Fetlife yet again.
Mistress Niah had already seen my pictures and kindly offered me her unwanted kinky thigh boots, three pairs no less!
She had summoned me to her parlour one summer evening to collect said items. I really wanted her to see me in my latex tranny gear which she had expressed an interest in. She was so kind and I felt completely comfortable stripping off and donning my attire in her presence. Mistress sat next to me on the sofa and encouraged me to try the first pair of boots. I slipped them over my stockinged legs and she zipped them up for me. They looked and felt wonderful and I could sense Mistresses approval.
In no time I was wearing the second, tighter pair and mistress had her phone out snapping me. A prerequisite for my visit was she would keep the pictures for her own use. As I bent over her kitchen chair, legs splayed, my mini dress riding up my bottom exposing my pantied behind I was trembling slightly and melted when Mistress adjusted the gusset of my PVC panties. I wanted her to punish me so badly but this was strictly a photo shoot and I knew the rules…
The day had arrived, it was to be my first encounter with a Dominatrix.
I was in Mistresses dungeon at last. I was very nervous. Mistress wasn’t concerned with my apparent discomfort.
I had been toying with the idea of professional abuse for a very very long time. For this reason I felt it would be fitting to endure some of the more extreme aspects of BDSM – pain threshold permitting.
Mistress received me in her tight black dress and head mistress heels, when I saw her wearing her gear It dawned on me this was for real now, no getting out of it, she was going to hurt me and I would have to take it…
I asked for mistress permission to get changed. She watched me as I stripped and took out my tranny gear. I rolled the stockings up my legs – feeling a little bit of humiliation as I transformed into her bitch. Id shaved my cock n balls and chest so the latex mini dress would look natural. I donned my platinum bob wig.
Mistress commanded “I think we will have you over the spanking bench first”
As I mounted the custom chair once again my mini rose over my buttocks. This time I had a skimpy pair of Japanese panties on. Mistress stood professionally beside me. She sensuously rubbed my bottom and my balls constricted in bliss. Short lived. The first slap thudded down on my flesh. I couldn’t believe how much force Mistress could exert. She is a very powerful ample lady. After a few stinging hard spanks I heard her move to her rack and presumably select an implement of torture. She brought down the tool with force. I flinched into the leather bench “was that an iron bar?” “no just a strap.” God if she could inflict that much pain with that god help me when she moves up to more severe implements. I rode the blows reasonably well (verification required). She worked her way through her arsenal of torture. Whips and onto the cane – I was starting to find my feet and was learning to be thankful of the pain she was inflicting. I was raising my buttocks into her strokes and found myself begging for more. She moved onto her nylon cane which was so painful… Mistress Niah laughed at the horrendous bruises that were forming on my bottom. Those that I was so proud of. Next was the penis whip. Mistress cupped my balls before whipping my cock and balls between my legs driving me in to a frenzy. I had to stop – not due to the pain I was in but the fact that the cum was rising and any minute I was about to make a mess.
“oh no we don’t want you cumming just yet” she chided.
Mistress ordered me to unfurl the torture bench. This was the real reason for our encounter. Mistress had me spread eagled on her table wrists and thighs cuffed firmly.
“So the needles…” she showed me the pack of thick hypodermic needles. “yes please mistress”
She tore open the packet and selected a hypodermic and proceeded to push the sharp object painfully though my left nipple. My god it hurt so much. She just looked at me and laughed. Mistress is so domme… Another needle in my right and a second in my left nipple criss crossing the first. Slowly pushing in the second needle in my right breast she completed her work. I was trembling in pain and humility. “now this cock and balls, yes?!
Yes mistress I conceded and she pushed three or four in alternate directions into my scrotum. It was so sensual my cock was expanding as she worked her way up to my shaft – I had previously expressed my nervousness about having needles in my cock. But Mistress Niah persona is so intense I found myself agreeing. Watching her as she pushed needles in to my cock moving up my shaft. I was looking at my cock in pain when I sensed mistress regarding me. An incredible look came over mistress face – she was staring at me her eyes boring into my head – totally connected. She had me exactly where she wanted me. I was totally helpless. Exquisite…

Graham’s Testamonial

From greeting me at the entrance, to when I finally departed you were just wonderful. Your demeanour and persona was such that from the very first moment of meeting it was very apparent that you had things calmly but firmly under control. During our conversation I believe I actually referred to you as the ‘Conductor of the Orchestra’.

When we ventured into your chamber, during the various activities in the session I became overwhelmed by my two-directional thoughts. This aside, Ma’am, you really made the occasion one that I will well remember as a turning point for me. For my part, as I have already explained, although I was in a bit of emotional turmoil, I really did enjoy myself. I greatly look forward to furthering my experience and nurturing my desires by exploring more of your world of Domination and BDSM.

You were, no you are an exceptional Lady, very understanding and again I thank you for the introduction into your world.

With very sincere thanks



A visit


I have visited Mistress Niah on a good number of occasions over the last year year or so.  Mistress Niah is an open, warm hearted but very determined and experienced Domme, who has experience over a huge range of activities.  Her chambers are so well equipped that I have never felt in a situation where I knew what was coming next, or that our session was moving in a predictable way.  In short, no two sessions are ever the same, but all are explosive and powerful, some of the best domination I have ever experienced.


All sessions with Mistress Niah start with an open conversation to get to know the client.  At some point comes ‘that look’ (visit and you will see exactly what I mean!) indicating its time to start.  Moving into the fully equipped chambers having stripped, I always get a huge sense of excitement, mixed with a good dose of trepidation as I know how versatile and creative Niah is.  I forgot to mention she has a bit of a sadistic streak too (no real surprise there I guess, she is a Domme after all) which wends its way through everything she does.


Initially you will probably experience ‘the corner’ where you will wait until Niah is ready to start.  Whilst there you will get to contemplate your fate (you will already be suitably restrained so not free to move at all) and will no doubt be listening closely for Mistresses return.


When Niah does return, I always find myself trying to move my body in an attempt to brush past her, trying to work out what she has just changed into.  Leather, lace, latex or satin, she looks great in all and I have never seen her in anything other than the highest of heels, very elegant. Her long painted nails add further to her image, as well as providing weapons of mass destruction of course.


I should point out at this stage that for me the giving up of control is where I gain my kicks.  As such I place no influence on Mistress Niah as to what happens next.  I heartily recommend this approach as the freedom she has to craft an effective session is complete.


Over the sessions I have enjoyed with Mistress Niah, we have covered huge ground with flogging, caning (which I hate and am no good at but she just laughs at me and carries on), CBT (she has a wide range of exquisite kit to provide a complete mind fuck in this area, did you ever experience urethral vibration whilst having your balls brushed with freshly picked nettles, all delivered by a sensual and sadistic Domme looking you right in the eye and staring into your soul?  No? Well you have never lived…..), electrics (violet wand and high end tens units with a huge range of probes), bondage (sleep sacks,straps, chains, she even has a VERY scary vac bed) , the list goes on and on.


Of course, whilst equipment is important, ultimately Domination is all about the mind and the interaction of the Domme with the sub.  Mistress Niah knows how to twist a scene to suit the mood, to manipulate the subs behaviour to follow her will.  She will taunt and tease, have periods of silence, the odd threat (which she WILL follow through on so beware!) and of course the gentle touch that offers the hope of more, always delivered with that sparkle in her eye and sadistic laugh.  I love it.


Would I recommend a visit to Mistress Niah? Hell yeah.  If you are looking for a first class domination experience, in good surroundings delivered by an experienced, sensual but sadistic mistress, Niah would be my number one choice.  Try a session with her, you will not be disappointed.



Testimonial from Andrew

Arriving with time to spare, I called once I had reached the destination I had been given.  The final directions were easy to follow and I drove to the rear of her cottage.  She greeted me at the door and I was led in to her cosy lounge. I immediately felt “at ease” as we discussed the preliminaries – vital to ensure complete enjoyment of our time together. Once complete, it was time to get down to business – and that didn’t take long! I was soon in my rightful place and felt very much “at home”.


I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of equipment. Niah’s Chambers are indeed well equipped. There’s surely something there for everyone – though only a select few will ever get to enjoy the true range of activities and equipment available.


Not long after being stripped and restrained, I felt the warm sensations of crops, paddles, whips and floggers – in fact the whole range of implements! My skin was warm, but my cock was hot and so was Niah! Beautifully attired and so eloquent, I was in such a wonderful environment. I felt at one with my inner self as Niah began to explore my inner psyche with all her “tools of the trade”.


She kept me in suspense as I was shackled to her wall. I didn’t know whether I was cumming or going, smiling or grimacing. What I did know was that I was so aroused in her company. and she knew how to get the very best out of me, carefully and deliberately building the tension until I could bear it no more.


Niah has such a range of instruments and equipment that one could be there for hours and still enjoy only a fraction of what is on offer! There’s something there for all tastes!

I felt so fulfilled and will definitely be going back just as soon as I can!

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new and updated website.  You will see I now have gallery pages and this blog page where I can keep you updated  with my latest news.


I will be able to post information about what I have been up to, what events I have been to or intend to attend, I can add testimonials from my clients and generally keep you informed of what is happening in my world.


I have already had some messages and emails saying how much you like my new site, so I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs.


Niah x

Double Domme Sessions



We are Mistress Sapphire and Mistress Niah, both very experienced and formidable dominas in our own right.

We have been friends for many years and instinctively know what the other is thinking, thereby making your time with us even more exciting.  As you would expect of mature Mistresses, we subscribe to the old-fashioned values and ethics.

Click here to see our Double Domme website

Your Mistress in Cambs / Beds



I am a mature naturally dominant woman with many years experience.

My chambers are situated in a discrete rural location on the Cambridgeshire / Bedfordshire borders, conveniently located for the A1 and within easy reach of the M1, M11 and A14.

I would say I am a sensual sadist, I enjoy both the psychological and physical aspects of BDSM . I will get into your head and make your heart race and the endorphins flow, pleasure and pain will combine.

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